Sasquatch Was Here (2021) - Morale Patch ***

Sasquatch Was Here - morale patch for overlanding families
Sasquatch Was Here - morale patch for overlanding families
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The Sasquatch morale patch sticks to any velcro surface.
Sasquatch Was Here (2021) - Morale Patch ***
Sasquatch Was Here (2021) - Morale Patch ***

Sasquatch Was Here (2021) - Morale Patch ***


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Sasquatch the Squirrel is not as well known as the bigfoot family that raised him but he has been a part of the Blue Ridge Overland Gear mythology for a long time. He appears in many of our videos and is generally an instigator of many antics behind the scenes.

Back in November 2020 our squirrel friend Sasquatch came to us with an idea. He wanted to visit all 50 U.S. States before the end of 2021 - but not by himself. He wanted to hitch a ride with as many overlanding friends as possible and so the 'Sasquatch Was Here' 2021 Challenge was born.

Will you help this adventure loving squirrel?

  • Embroidered patch measures 3" in diameter
  • Backed with hook Velcro material.
  • Patch will attach to any loop (Velcro) or similar material.
  • Exclusive design.
  • LIMITED RUN: 500 in circulation
  • Get the 2021 patch and coming soon: 2022 Sasquatch patch!

Please note: patches are not made in-house.

 This morale patch is a part of our 2021 'Sasquatch Was Here' Fifty States Challenge - encouraging you and your family to get outdoors and go exploring together.

Help Sasquatch the Squirrel visit all 50 U.S. States in 2021. Join Team Sasquatch, and tag us on Instagram with #sasquatchwashere.

Let us know where your family took Sasquatch and we'll showcase it on our website!

  1. Get your 'Sasquatch Was Here' gear.
  2. Go Adventuring With Your Family (and Sasquatch)!
  3. Take Pictures of Your Adventure With Sasquatch (using patch or shirt).
  4. Share On Instagram Using: #sasquatchwashere
  5. Watch Your Adventures Appear On This Page

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Some time ago in the green forests of the Blue Ridge Mountain a tiny abandoned squirrel was discovered by a family of sasquatches (aka: bigfoot). Raised by nomadic bigfoot they were always on the move, exploring new wild places.

As Sasquatch grew, the other squirrels wondered why he was such a brave explorer and they soon found out about his bigfooted upbringing. A squirrel raised by a family of bigfoot??!! Who ever heard of such a thing!? The other squirrels called him names, like: "Sasquatch!!" But he didn't know his real name and he kind of liked the sound of that. He had discovered his true name!

Because squirrels are so small it is hard to travel long distances - but Sasquatch was used to riding on the shoulders of his bigfoot family. When he was old enough to be out on his own he longed to reclaim his days of exploring - and so he started finding different ways to travel. Trains were too noisy, airplanes were out of the question, regular cars didn't travel very far - but then he discovered the world of overlanding!

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