Order By December 13!

Order By December 13


Here at the North Pole (aka: Blue Ridge Overland Gear headquarters in Bedford, Virginia) we pride ourselves in making functional and rugged organizers for your overlanding gear. Since 2012 our elvish squirrels have been faithfully crafting our products for you year round.



But the Christmas season is obviously our busiest time of year here at the North Pole and we are humming along to get your orders fulfilled and shipped. Once it leaves our workshop though, it is out of our hands.

The stories you heard about Santa delivering all gifts by himself in one night is obviously a fairy tale - at least these days. The cost of magic (ex: trying to get people to believe in Santa) is high, and instead, using traditional carriers like U.S. Postal and UPS has become the norm even for old Father Christmas.



Because of all this, and because our elvish squirrels also have a limit, we strongly encourage you to place any Christmas orders ASAP. Because we don't control the shipping carriers, and because they certainly do NOT operate, by any means, on Christmas magic, you need to place your orders by the morning of December 13.

If you place your order after December 13 it is likely that your order will be shipped via one of our freelance polar bears, wolves, foxes, or very large owls. It takes longer for sure, but considering drone delivery will soon be commonplace we think we are actually on the cutting edge of on-time commerce.
The moral of the story is: the longer you wait to place your order, the less likely it will arrive in time for Christmas Day.

So, turn on the soundtrack to Charlie Brown Christmas, add a healthy dose of eggnog and reindeer jerky (Santa won't be offended - as long as it's not the magic kind), and get your BROG orders in today. Do it now. To keep yourself committed - promise you won't watch any sappy romantic Christmas movies until you get your order in. We know you watch them so don't pretend you don't. ;)

Merry Christmas!!!