New: Custom Color - MOLLE Seat Back Panels


Your rig is your domain - and now you can customize your gear storage to match your style with our new Custom Color: MOLLE Seat Back Panels. What do we mean by 'custom colors'? Read on to find out.

MOLLE Seat Back Panels are already one of our most popular products - and a great way to get started ordering the chaos in your vehicle. Now we've taken our classic Seat Back Panel design and re-imagined it with some really cool new possibilities.

We've removed the typical MOLLE webbing and replaced it with a top layer of seriously tough, tactical grade, laser cut material. This new laser cut process gives us exacting precision and allows for a base layer to show through.

We call this 'Custom Color' because you get to choose both the top layer color and the base layer color - with a number of custom combinations possible for a truly personalized look. Your tactical rainbow just got a little brighter and a whole lot more interesting. ;)